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ZenPoint *BUGS* No Updates *Slow Support*

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I have been using zenpoint for over a year, visually I think its the best when compared to others like AlbumPlayer and TouchJams.
I am trying to start a new Jukebox business using zenpoint, but the lack of updates and support has me worried. I LOVE how easy it is to use zenpoint, I only care about the Music, Video and karaoke sections. I am giving this software one more chance, if not I have no choice but to look elsewhere.

A few of my issues are:
When someone selects a new track from the playlist (before the current track finishes), the old track will not delete, instead it gets moved to the back of the list. My customers would like the track removed from playlist when skipped.

I have 15k Karaoke tracks, it takes about 6 minutes to load them when I go into the Karaoke section. This only happens when I initially open the program. If I close and reopen zenpoint, the same loading time will happen. This does not happen in the music section, where I have 19k tracks. So basically it seems like the karaoke tracks have to be scanned & loaded every time you start software. Right now the computer has a 7200RPM HD, maybe an SSD will help?

My last issue is video, I have about 100k music videos, they are in MP4 format. I do find that WMV works best, but MP4 saves me a lot of room. For some reason some the MP4s wont play or just give me a black screen. Sometimes they will make zenpoint freeze. I do have the .MP4 added in video settings, any recommendation?
My PC Specs:
i6 / Windows 7 64bit / 1TB 7200 RPM WD / 8GB Ram

Any help from the creator of this software would be great. thanks
07-16-2018 20:33
Hi Hogcia,

Really nice jukebox you got there.

Issue 1: Please turn on "Stop music when playlist is empty".

Issue 2: The karaoke center is using your directory to look up new songs each time you load it. The best way to speed up your karaoke center is to split your songs into category folders, and not have all your songs in one folder.

Issue 3: It sounds like you haven't installed all the right codec's for your video collection. Please try one of these codec packs.







Best regards


07-27-2018 06:31
Selecting 'stop music when playlist is empty' does not address issue 1.

All that does it make the player stop playing music after all selected songs have completed. 
In the scenario noted above, when someone selects a new track & hits 'play now', ZP re-queues the skipped track to play next. With the 'stop music' option on it will still re-play the skipped song then stop playing music after that. 

What he's looking for is when a track is playing & someone selects a new track using the 'play now' button, the track currently playing should be removed from the playlist, as it has been effectively skipped before completing. 
07-28-2018 16:27
Thanks for replying Rick.
Adding the extra codec's did solved that video issue, thanks.

Separating the Karaoke files into different folders did not resolve the issue though. I purchased an SSD drive and loaded the Karaoke files there, they load about 90% faster now.

D2e you are correct. Turning on "Stop music when playlist is empty" does not resolve the issue. Normally when someone skips a track, they usually don't want to hear it anymore. The same thing happens if someone adds a new track as "play now", it will move the current track back into the queue. There should simply be a settings option, that removes the current track when someone skips it.

Is there anyway to play around with the Zenpoint XML file? I would like to change some settings? for example, I would love to have the option on making the fade in and fade out for music a little longer.

Thank for your help
08-07-2018 20:01
is that a custom made case? would love more info
08-12-2018 15:08
Did issue 1 get resolved?  I would also like skipped tracks removed from the playlist.
10-18-2018 16:02
@cyberpho, yes it is a custom jukebox with video and Karaoke built-in. Took me about a month to design and make it. Here are some more pics.

10-21-2018 20:21
@NinjaBadge, Hi! with the exception of the video issue I was having, nothing else has been resolved. Wish this software was open source, that way the community could enhance it. I am not holding my breath on these issues being resolved/updated.
10-21-2018 20:30
That’s amazing! If you ever want to share those plans and materials/hardware used I’d be interested!
11-03-2018 14:36
Shame updates appear to have stopped on this software.
11-07-2018 12:57
@NinjaBadger , Did ever make any progress on these issues? I'm looking to do the same thing. Load my Karaoke faster and mess around with some of the settings more. 
05-06-2020 19:59

He did say changing his hdd to an ssd did make a massive (90%) improvement with the loading of the karaoke files. 

Using the correct codecs does help with the playing of mp4 music videos. I know because i had the same issue until i followed some instructions on this forum from another member. I have it loaded on to a £25 little mini pc with very basic components using W7 and integrated graphics.

The other issues? unlikely due to the very limited interaction on this forum. Which is a bloody shame cos this is a great programme.

Frank Machin
05-08-2020 13:32
Yeah, the only reason I'm not switching to an ssd is I think I will need to request a new lic and that scares me. Some people seem to get one no problem and others have to complain here in the forums to get things moving. They could be doing it wrong but I just do not want the headache. 

I'm good with my videos and they play. I have issues with the way it sorts, uses folders, lack or search but that is a program thing unfortunately. 

Oh and nice to see someone else is actually looking at the forum!
05-08-2020 14:15
Well I see there where a few updates to the thread recently. Just wanted to mention that I moved on to using Spotify as my main jukebox software for this unit. I put a lot of work into ZenPoint but at the end of the day, there is simply zero support and zero updates. I can’t run a business with software that has no support. Good luck all. 
05-08-2020 21:18
@Hogcia we have no unanswered support cases. If you are missing an answer to a question, please check your spam folder.
05-09-2020 04:56
I had an issue with my licence and Rick sorted  it pretty quickly. 

I do visit the forum almost daily hoping things will  pick up..but they do not.

I notice Rick sends out the basic answer  to practically  all questions.  

I wish he would give an answer to whether or not he or they will  be updating the program  ever again. That's the least they could  do for us that have supported him/them.

frank machin
05-09-2020 10:51
@Hogcia still love to see some plans for that jukebox if you had any??  Materials and pics needed! LOL..
05-10-2020 00:43
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