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music keeps stopping

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I am having an issue where the music stops randomly after a while, as if it is going to sleep.
I have checked the PC and although I have the screen set to sleep after an hour, but not the computer, the music stops and freezes long before this.
It doesn't stop after a set amount of time either, it stops at random times.
Any ideas, would be much appreciated.
12-14-2018 16:29

Make sure you have set your sound card to stereo and not surround sound.

Make sure your music isn't DRM protected.

Make sure your songs are not ITunes songs. Unfortunately ITunes makes changes to your music and you have to convert them back into the normal format.

Try to turn off "Attractive mode" from the administration / general.

Try to turn off "Pause screen"

Try to turn off the effects from the administration / effects.


You can press F12 to turn the DC into windows mode, and then you can check your performance and memory usages.


We recommend at least 2 GHZ dual core, 2-4 GB ram depending on your music collection, at least 512 graphic memory on the graphic card.

Best regards


12-14-2018 17:35
Mine worked after deleting sound card applications, deleting the audio drivers and letting windows reinstall them after a restart.
10-26-2021 18:07
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