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Same song at startup

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Every time I restart the program, I plays the same song from my directory. I did not chose the song, and would either like no song to play, or a different song to play. I went into the music center settings and unchecked all appropriate boxes. however, it continues. Any suggestions and thanks
05-08-2019 12:38
Did you ever solve the problem? Mine is doing the same thing?!?!...

It seems like the problem occured after update? Can anyone confirm?

06-08-2021 19:11
Hi! The exact same thing happened to me, did you manage to find a solution? I would be really interrested to know! Thanks in advance...
08-20-2021 06:21
I think it is because I was loggin in when starting the software. The same song would start all over. But if I just started the software and did nothing, everything was ok.
08-20-2021 08:57
Anyone find a solution for this? I can't get Zenpoint to play random songs on start up or after selections are done. 
01-19-2022 16:01
Three years and no answer.

There's virtually no product support here.  There needs to be some program savvy moderators and a dedicated area for skin sharing.

The now defunct DW Jukebox had some really good , volunteer, moderators that could answer most any question. If they couldn't they contacted the administrator.   I would think a similar system would work here.
Lead Zephyer
03-17-2022 10:44
I ran into this when I 1st installed. It's because you played that song when logged in as Admin which permanently places it on the playlist. Log in as admin & delete the song. Don't play anything else. Then logout & log back in as a regular user & whatever you play is 1-time only & not saved. 
03-21-2022 16:34
Thanks so much for the reply. I wouldn't have found it.

I can verify it works.  Open as Admin. Press playlist and delete all in the playlist.
Lead Zephyer
03-27-2022 17:42
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