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Problems with coin mode

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When I activate the operation with coins, I can only add a song until I enter a credit, my problem is that it allows to add all the themes of an album without needing to enter a credit. How can I solve that?
12-12-2019 04:47
Just turn on party mode, then you are not allowed to add all.
12-12-2019 15:43
Thank you, the above is resolved. I have another problem that I need to solve.
12-13-2019 06:56

I have built a jukebox with the following specifications:


Processor Intel Core Duo E7500 2.93GHZ

Ram: 4GB

OS Windows 7 64

SSD 128 GB for OS

SSD 1TB for music


124.000 Songs


The problem is that when using the search option it freezes, it does not always happen but it does, will it have something to do with the use of two SSD units, one for the OS and one for the music?

12-13-2019 07:12

12-13-2019 07:16
Problems solved, support helped me. I had to install the original intel graphic drivers, previously it was working with the generic microsoft drivers. Now zenpoint works great. Keep in mind that you have to verify that all the original drivers are installed, the program requires certain specifications to work, I recommend that the motherboard has decent integrated graphics, also ram memory.
12-18-2019 01:07
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