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I like this programme and will be buying in a couple of months when i get my new touchscreen for my mancave.

I cannot buy it now due to the fact that you can only install it on one of your pc's.

Meaning one licence per person, per machine..which i think is a bit tough. Can this be changed?

What is the future for this programme? What are the creators working on to improve it? When is the next update due? whats the road map?


Frank Machin
01-25-2020 16:48
Hi Frank,

Maybe they should introduce a volume license, discount.

As for what is happenig with future development, I too would be interested in what's ahead, I bought the software straight off, and buying for another machine. That way i can develope skins etc without limitations, but then just transfer across to jukebox pc. But definitely i think they should be some form of discount system in place.


02-05-2020 17:19
Frank Machin
02-11-2020 15:51
They already have this period it is called family license.

Joe M
06-17-2020 00:38
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