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My Jukebox Theme,

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seen as there no themes i made my own, all graphics created in photoshop...

02-03-2020 05:54
very nice that.
Frank Machin
02-03-2020 14:55
Thanks Frank.
02-03-2020 14:59
Very cool. Any chance of sharing that folder with the group so that we can use the same thing?
Joe M
06-17-2020 00:42
Yes please share.
Frank Machin
06-17-2020 12:54
To bad the forum is still on the old site and is not newer. I could see us creating theme sections, tips and tricks, etc.
06-22-2020 15:52
Any chance of you sharing the theme or more importantly a quick guide on how to....that would be awesome šŸ‘
07-16-2020 03:23
Hi everyone,
theme will be available to download shortly, please respect my work thats all i ask.

Many thanks

08-01-2020 00:55
hi everyone

As requested, this theme is now available to download , i have created 2 versions one with logo and one without, theres also bonus backgrounds.

the themes are for NONE stretched  & STRETCHED versions, Download available on request.

inside the rar file is a folder named Designerappz (me lol) this contains a folder named themes just copy everything from the themes folder to the themes folder in the zenpoint themes folder...

Kindest Regards
08-03-2020 17:54

08-03-2020 19:49

08-10-2020 05:45
Hi everyuone

My latest creation, white version with round buttons.download available on request.

hope people like my themes,

Kindest regards
Nigel aka Designerappz
08-10-2020 05:47
I would love to download it if possible. my email is galegovision@gmail.com

08-24-2020 21:39
Looks Awesome
08-24-2020 21:40
You can add me to that list please.

Frank Machin
08-24-2020 21:52
these look amazing! Can you please send me the rar file as well? jmorg67@gmail.com 

Joe M
08-24-2020 22:21
Thank you for sharing love the way this looks... could you please send me a copy as well thank you in advance šŸ˜Š
08-25-2020 14:04
hey guys & gals

Firstly thank you for your  showing interest in my themes, as promised you willl each recieve a Link via Email.

Kindest Regards
Nigel aka Designerappz
08-25-2020 23:15
Hi Nigel
 If there are any copies still going I'd appreciate one please
08-30-2020 17:26
Hi Nigel

Many thanks for the theme
09-02-2020 20:57
Yes, thank you. 
Frank Machin
09-09-2020 14:49
your all welcome, shame this forum dont have a themes section....

09-13-2020 02:34
I'd love a copy. Looks great by the way.

Lead Zephyer
11-02-2020 12:58
Nigel can you email me your themes they look great? nathan.r.jacobs@gmail.com
11-17-2020 22:33
hi which theme or themes, do the last members to post require, many thanks. Send request to nigelfordy@gmail.com.
11-27-2020 13:50
Hi, If you could send to davy.neale@gmx.com I would be most grateful. Thanks
12-05-2020 22:48
thank you for this mybkexperience mcdvoice
12-15-2020 14:56
I just have a query regarding themes for Rick.  Given that Zenpoint is an excellent piece of software, some people might not be happy about everything, but then that's the way of things, and it's a real pity there's not too much support, or interest on the forum.  Perhaps a way to get more involvement could be the themes aspect, Zenpoint is without doubt aesthetically superb.  Some time ago, Nigel, aka designerappz came up with a very nice piece of work in the form of a theme which in my view, greatly enhanced an already nice product.  Rick, could some incentive, reward come from yourself, I'm not sure what exactly, but something to maybe get Nigel on board, Nigel didn't ask for donations for his work, but I for one would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for more of his themes, maybe he wouldn't be interested but many of your licence holders out there, and there are a lot may also feel they too would support Nigel in his efforts, we all like to be rewarded for our endeavours' and this may in turn help boost the general interest in what is a really good product, streets ahead of anything else in this field.

So, just a thought, either way, happy Christmas all and stay safe
12-22-2020 12:15
Big hello to everyone,

festive times upon us, so please enjoy this festive background, just replace existing background.

wishing everyone a happy xmas

kindest regards
Nigel aka designerappz
12-23-2020 01:41
Hi Nigel can I have a download of your great skins download Iā€™m at tchez@hotmail.co.uk   Big thanks
terry cherowbrier
12-31-2020 00:11
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  to you to Nigel.

Thank you for your hardwork once again..please Zenpoint provide this forum witha download area.

Frank Machin
12-31-2020 02:14
Hi Everyone,

Very sorry themes will be available after new year, due to family emergency on xmas day,

I will supply links to all who have requested them, Until then happy new year to everyone.

kindest regards
Nigel aka designerappz
12-31-2020 04:16
hi everyone,

sorry for late posting of links to my themes, my father was rushed into hospital on xmas day and is still in hospital, so ive been busy as hell.

here are my links,

kindest regards Nigel.
01-06-2021 22:38
Hi Nigel

Sorry to hear the news about your father, I sincerely hope he gets well soon, as to the links, a relatively minor issue in comparison, but thanks very much for yet more examples of your brilliant work, take care my man,
01-13-2021 12:44
Yes get well soon to your dad mate.
Frank Machin
01-13-2021 15:05
hi everyone,

Im pleased to announce a new theme will be available in the next couple days, link will be provided for anyone who wishes to try it out.

kindest regards,
nigel aka designerappz

ps. thankyou for your well wishes for my father.
01-15-2021 20:56
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