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Will not load and start.

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Just bought it and it will not load and start. I just get an error report for microsoft.any ideas please?

Frank Machin
04-10-2020 21:29

Usually this is a SQL server issue.


Please follow these steps:


1.       Uninstall the DigitalCeter from Add/Remove programs

2.       Uninstall all instances of sql* from add/remove programs

3.       Delete the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\ZenPoint"

4.       Download latest version of DC from our web site

5.       Install the Digitalcenter again

Best regards


04-11-2020 05:58
Hi Rick

There are no ''instances of sql* from add/remove programs''  should there be?

frank machin
04-11-2020 16:03
I have uninstalled Zenpoint and formatted the drive and installed W7 now. XP wasnt working properly with zenpoint. However, now im getting an error mesaage saying wrong code or something when i try to activate zenpoint with my licence. I have emailed support but getting no response.
Frank Machin
04-12-2020 18:38
We have just reset and sent you a new license.
04-13-2020 05:26
Thank you Rick
Appreciate your help.
Frank Machin
04-13-2020 12:59
That worked a treat Rick..all up and running..cheers
Frank Machin
04-13-2020 13:39
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