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I finally updated from V5.0 to V5.1 and it seams to lock up when it gets done loading.  Granted I have a lot of music so it takes 10 minutes to do its thing.   On V5.0 it comes up and works for the most part if I stick to searches and I'm ok with that.    However when I get to 5.1 it finishes imports but never goes to playing music or allows me to add music to the playlist.   I rolled back to 5.0 and it works just fine.     Anyone else having issues with the latest update?
08-02-2020 00:51
Hi Bman

Im also having issues with the latest release, for me it will import all tracks, but when playing, it will suddenly freeze, then windows says program stopped responding, either wait or close. Rolled back to last version least it didnt have issues...


08-03-2020 01:37
How do you roll back to previous version as mine is doing the same?
08-05-2020 09:32
Hi Rob

to roll back, just reinstall the previous version if you still have the installer,

Download version 5.0.47 > HERE < its from my dropbox.

08-05-2020 13:22
Thankfully my upgrade went smoothly and is working 100%
08-12-2020 19:18
Hi guys just to update this thread and fix .....

I installed the jukebox on a new build pc and despite have 2 working machines with this software working perfectly, my third machine had the above issues. My trade is software troubleshooter / developer. Anyhow i tried all sorts but after a few songs it would either stop playing mid flow or on a new track just stick at 0:00 and appear to hang. After a bit of debuging i found the issue to be in the Net framework. So i got the latest version from Microsoft and updated to the latest version. The result is My Jukebox has been running constantly for 2 days with no errors. Hope this helps with others on here. Going to look at the Karaoke section now and see if i can get it to index my files.

10-23-2020 13:59
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