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Hi folks totally love the jukebox software infact i have 3 licences. The only thing that lets this software down or maybe its possible and its me been thick is this ....
I have a ever increasing library of songs to the point i would like to be able to have more contol how there displayed ie currently i have most of the Now thats what i call music collection from 1 to 106 , so currently i have potentially 106 Albums displayed on the main screen. I would like to keep them in there respective album but on the top layer have 

Now Collection on the main screen then when you click on now collection it displays album 1 to 106 etc ? 

or another scenario 

I have allot of albums by say Queen now instead of them been on the main screen displaying say 20 albums i simply have one listing that says Queen collection then click into it and it displays the 20  the albums ? The whole point of this is to reduce the amount of albums on the main screen so you can get to what you want quickly. Anyone know how i may achieve this ? Apart from this feature the software is perfect in every other way. So would be majorly happy if my request could be achieved.


08-12-2020 14:42
Is there any developers on here? Is it worth having a unofficial Music center mods / support group? As it appears all customer facing people from Zenpoint seem to have vanished. You know what i find so confusing Zenpoint have a great product if they supported its current users and dealt with feature requests. The product would be selling itself with everyone recommending it. Its obvious so much hard work and thought has gone into this software but then let down by the lack of support. I don't run with this its not possible to do this when we are talking a software product, you can make a program do anything just takes a bit of working out. Is there another forum as this is call old.zenpoint.org ?

08-14-2020 12:34
Hi Paul,

It is not possible to group your albums, all data are collected by the id3 tags, and there's no group tag available. You can sort your albums in different ways by click the sort icon to the right of the alpha bar.

You can also order your albums by artist name, just check the “Order albums by artist” inside the administration / music center.

Best regards


08-16-2020 08:05
Hi Rick this seems to be a sticking point where you say its not possible but i have seen many jukebox type softwars that do support this and see no reason why why zenpoint couldnt do something simuler.

From what i have seen other softwares are still reading the Tags but are now supporting Sub Genres so you could have like say make up a sub genre of lets call it My Fav Music  then you just simply add your sub tag to what ever music you would like.  I think this video on Music taker demonstrates this better.

08-20-2020 18:55
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