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Party Mode ?

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Hi folks i have just set up Zenpoint in my new Garden Bar with a proper touchscreen - SO getting to grips with this software.

My major pet hate is it was playing the same list from user selections even after reboot and leaving it a few hours. Trying to get to grips i have now managed to get it to clear the playlist, but after 2 mins of inactivity it plays a random song and goes to sleep for another 2 mins then plays another song. What i want it to do is this.

Playlist is empty so it will play random songs from whats stored on the jukebox with no delay ie the 2 min attract mode. Then someone comes along put there music on and that is played instantly until the play list is empty then revert back to random play? 

Hope you can help please
08-29-2020 12:00
Anyone ?

08-31-2020 21:50
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