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Party Mode ?

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Hi folks i have just set up Zenpoint in my new Garden Bar with a proper touchscreen - SO getting to grips with this software.

My major pet hate is it was playing the same list from user selections even after reboot and leaving it a few hours. Trying to get to grips i have now managed to get it to clear the playlist, but after 2 mins of inactivity it plays a random song and goes to sleep for another 2 mins then plays another song. What i want it to do is this.

Playlist is empty so it will play random songs from whats stored on the jukebox with no delay ie the 2 min attract mode. Then someone comes along put there music on and that is played instantly until the play list is empty then revert back to random play? 

Hope you can help please
08-29-2020 12:00
Anyone ?

08-31-2020 21:50
So what is the point of this Forum ? I put a question on here 08/29/2020 i got no replies so i email Rick with the problem still no answer to my question. You know looking through this forum many support questions have gone unanswered, like the one with it not listing Karaoke tracks , i even thought i had found the issue ie it seems to scan the music directory not the karaoke directory. Did we get a acknowledgment ? No not a thing. I still have the issue where it doesnt play random songs from my collection after inactivity as per my first post. Although at the moment im not useing the karaoke feature my karaoke files are not been listed. But any stand alone player works fine with the karaoke files. Is zenpoint a big company or is it some geek sat in a bedroom coding ? Can we please try to get some communication going with zenpoint ?
09-22-2020 11:32
Hi Pauldb38,

We do not have any unanswered questions, please check your spam folder if you haven't received any answer to your question.

Best regards

09-22-2020 13:36
Hi Rick firstly you are in my allowed emails and all emails go into my inbox but just to check theres no gremlins in the system i checked the spam folder and also did a mailbox search and i have had no replies from you. So maybe you could check your spam box just incase the gemlins got in?

The perfect solution would be to answer my above question here ? Also is there a update to the karaoke not listing problem as that thread hasnt been updated either as I'm following that for a solution?

09-22-2020 14:40
09-24-2020 16:31
Hi Paul,

When the playlist is empty the jukebox will play a random song from your collection unless you have selected "administration / general / Stop playing when playlist is empty", there should not be two minutes silence at any time, if so there's something wrong with your settings.

There's no update to the karaoke center at this point.

Best regards

09-24-2020 18:20
Also please read about the party mode in our manual http://download.zenpoint.org/Content/Files/Manual.pdf

09-24-2020 18:22
Thanyou for reply rick, the daft thing is i have been waiting for nearly a month for some basic help and within 5 mins i had it sorted. I think i had it set right to start with but there is a little bug in the software allow me to explain.

When i first installed the software i selected to play all from a album that had 90 songs in it. When ever i put the jukbox on it would resume from where it left off. At some point i must of said when playlist is empty stop thinking this would clear the problem. With this option selected it worked as it should ie i added music it played my selection then stopped. So now i have unticked the option. But my problem re-appeared ie started to play that very first ablum again. SO i have gone through every song and deleted it from the play list. Then and only then did it go into random play i could add a song it played next then back into random play. So i will close the software and reboot the pc to see if the same album plays or it does as it should and just play random as its doing now. Btw i downloaded the manual the very first day i bought a license and its like a bible but the manual doesn't take into account Bugs in the software that plaige all us software  engineers.
09-24-2020 21:00
Thank you Paul for the explaination, we will look into that.
09-25-2020 14:36
Ok my problem has returned and wondering how to fix, ie not used the jukebox for a few days, booted it up and as  previously mentioned the album i selected with 90 songs in it started to play one after the other. My only way of getting it to play random songs in my collection was to delete each song from the 90 song album then it went into random play and working as it should. Why is loading the album as default at startup.Any help gratefully recieved 
09-29-2020 12:45
Was that what you were listening to when you quit out? I have noticed sometimes I manually queue up a bunch of music and even if I listen to it all or clear out the queue before I quit, it will show up on next startup. strange
09-30-2020 19:40
yes thats what happend orgionall i put a album on with 90 songs and said play all, but i can delete all the songs so it plays random music from my collection, even if i power down corretly and leave it a week the next time i switch on those 90 songs are loaded and plays again untill i delete them.
09-30-2020 20:05
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