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Got a new PC, used PCMover...DigitalCenter not starting

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....on the new PC when I try to open it,  It thinks I am on day 2027 of free trial!  
But I purchased the license some years ago.  
How can I activate DC now?

11-13-2020 18:11
thank you Rick and team!

Users who experience same thing, if you move to a new pc as I did, you probably need to email support directly.  I got a quick response and solution, similar to below steps:

Your account is now reset, and we have created a new license file for this account.


Your personalized license file is attached to this email.


Be aware that this license file can only be used on the computer that you use to activate the DigitalCenter.


Before you are able to activate your license, you have to download and install the DigitalCenter.


Download url: xxxxxxxxx


To activate your new license, please follow these steps:


1. Make sure you have installed the DigitalCenter.

2. Save the attached license file to your desktop.

3. Open the program “start / all programs / zenpoint /activation”

4. Click “Browse” and select “desktop\license.license”

5. Click “Activate”


Notice you have to be connected to the internet before you click activate.


If you have any questions please contact us at:



11-16-2020 14:43
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