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Licence Problem after install a new Mainboard & Harddisk

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....on the new PC when I try to open it,  It thinks I am on day 2027 of free trial!  
But I purchased the license some years ago.  
How can I activate DC now?

Thx for Help.

01-21-2021 16:16

Submit a support ticket either via this forum, or by email to Rick, requesting a license reset.

kindest regards
Nigel aka designerappz
01-21-2021 17:50
hi Nigel aka designerappz,

thx i wote a email :-)
i hope Rick can help me :-)
01-21-2021 19:00
Hello guys,

How long is the approximate processing time or response time?

Thx and nice Weekend.
01-22-2021 21:39

I actually had to do this on Wednesday night.  I forwarded my License File email and invoice from 2019 to support@zenpoint.com around 8:30pm (eastern) and Rick responded back with a new license file at 1:47am (eastern) that next morning.

01-22-2021 23:10
I purchased this software a few years ago, but had to rebuild the pc. Now the software is not usable, and will not accept the license
I submitted 2 different support emails and have heard nothing for nearly a week.
I am looking at other jukebox software now, as I am not sure there is any support for this.
01-27-2021 16:34

yes i wrote one Email and send i use the contact side on the homepage.
No reaction until today :-(

Perhaps it can be becaus "Corona"?

I hope i get the Licende - the Software works great.

01-27-2021 17:24
I have received a replacement license today. The response time is still very slow, but you will get a response eventually, which is great as a lot of the other Jukebox software that I have trialled in the meantime is just not as good as this one.

01-28-2021 21:02
Rick send me today the new Licence - File.
Thx a lot now i am happy and the Jukebox is going on..... :-)
01-28-2021 22:15
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