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Loading music from network drive

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Hello all
I had music loading from a network drive then for some reason after adding more mp3 tracks it stopped loading them up at start up of music player. 
Not sure if it's relevant but the drive was disconnected on the touch pc I'm using after editing music folder from another laptop...I therfore remapped the drive. I've changed the location of where to find music files in administration but it won't load any tracks. 
Any advice please? Frustrating it is! I also renamed the network drive from the original ip address number format to 'jukebox'...if that makes any difference to the software?
04-05-2021 20:01

I also have my music in a different location on my network.  I remember when using a mapped network drive, it had issues picking up the music too.  Here is how I set up mine, which works great for me.


04-09-2021 19:34
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