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Best Processor for software

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I was wondering if this software does better if there is multiple cores.  I use a quad core but was wondering if the software runs faster if I were to get an 8 core or 16 core.  I have issues with taking a really long time to load on a quad core with 250,000 songs.    
04-27-2021 15:22
The speed of your storage device probably has more to do than the speed of your processor when reading the meta data from the file.

A recent machine I built has a Samsung 980 PRO PCle 4.0 NVMe M.2 drive mounted to the motherboard and it can easily catalogue 30,000 music files in < 5 seconds.
A similar machine with the files stored on a SATA Drive (spinning Disc and SSD) this would take about 1 Minute. It would be incredibly slower of it was a USB attached storage.  

As the meta data for the music files is stored in a database you don't need to scan the catalogue every time you start up. 
You can disable 'Check for music updates on Startup"  within the MusicCentre Admin. 
If you do this you can then scan the music files only when you make changes. This will help with the load times.

Unfortunately this does not work for  Music Videos as the meta data is not stored in a database (I wish it was then we could have a proper search engine).

05-21-2021 04:42
Thank you for the clarification. That helps a lot!
08-12-2021 05:09
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