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My new branding, all my work will be under this, theme packs will be available very shortly, including past work....

08-10-2021 04:46
Good to hear.
Frank Machin
08-10-2021 16:18
Looking good Designerappz. When can we expect to see your fab themes?
09-15-2021 19:15
My themes are delayed, unfortunately my pc i use to create themes has died, so im waiting on new motherboard cpu memory etc,

having to use mobile to reply.

Nigel aka Designerappz
09-18-2021 01:55
Hi everyone,

sorry for the delay, my PC blew up so ive built a new one, just waiting on Rick to Reset my License.

Im having to design from scratch as i lost all my PSD Files for the themes. Luckily i had some of the themes backed up on dropbox.

Links to my Themes i had will be posted shortly.

Kindest Regards
Nigel aka Designerappz
10-05-2021 19:05
Hi Nigel
Glad to hear you will soon be back with your amazing themes.

Frank Machin
10-08-2021 16:37
Hi Frank

Glad to be back , just wish my emails to sipport be answered, need a license Reset im not buying it again

new themes in the pipeline.

kindest regards
Nigel aka designerappz
10-08-2021 17:30
He will eventually get back to you..are you using the email address you sent to me?
Frank Machin
10-08-2021 20:36
yh used support & ricks email nothing yet

10-08-2021 20:47
As you know, his replies are not swift

C'mon Rick answer the man :-P
Frank Machin
10-09-2021 02:19
Hey guys

told you id be back, heres a sneak peak of latest theme, 2 versions ...

with audio meters  & space for your logo
without audio meters & space for your logo

10-10-2021 22:19
Very nice Nigel and welcome back.

A great app deserves a variety of great looking themes.
Frank Machin
10-10-2021 23:59
Hi guys n girls,

Im back with 2 festive full complete skins ready for the festive season , they as follows Halloween, Xmas. Valentines, Easter.

these can purchased indiviually or as a pack, please contact me via Email : nigelfordy@gmail.com

All themes are made entirely in photoshop, which takes alot of Hours to complete/  Also if you require any custom skin, -please email me or post on forum & I will get back to you......

I have other skins available to go, White Round, graphite, dark metal, metal, graphite polished,

kindest regards
aka designerappz

10-18-2021 04:35
Hi Nigel
These new skins are very seasonal and look up to your usual standard and quality. Rick really does need to think about either working with you to add these skins into Zenpoint or at least provide a download area on the site.

Any way, i shall be sending you an email very soon and making some purchases..customs skins is an excellent idea.

cheers Frank 

Frank Machin
10-18-2021 13:01
Hello Nigel
Got the downloads and tested all the skins. They work great with no issues.

Please keep the thread updated with anymore you create. 

I'm definitely interested in purchasing anymore you do.

Cheers Frank

Frank Machin
10-18-2021 19:34
Hi Frank M

Firstly thank you for showing an interest & purchasing my themes. Im pleased you like them, they will always be of high quality.

Will deff keep this thread open and will keep it updated wih new content.

Kindest regards
nigel aka designerappz

10-18-2021 20:34
Here we are folks,

Another theme for your jukebox, this time in 80s Retro style. This comes complete as usual in the high standard as with all my themes,
login, volume, loader, home icons all skinned to match .

this is also available to purchase, please email me : nigelfordy@gmail.com.

10-19-2021 16:49
Hi Nigel
Can you do skins based on a sports team? Also ones from family photographs?

I've been asked by a couple of friends..
Cheers Frank.
Frank Machin
10-22-2021 16:28
Hi Frank,
I can create any designs people want, any occasion, sport music pretty much anything really, 

Kindest regards
10-23-2021 18:12
Hey Nigel, great themes, I shall be emailing you for details, as your work is fantastic.
11-10-2021 00:47
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