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Hello.  When the software loads up, I press the Albums button but shows artists only not albums.  The other buttons are ok but this button dont work correctly Cannot list by album order?  Thanks.  The below is how it should be.

03-05-2022 16:11

03-05-2022 16:29
Above is how it is currently.
03-05-2022 16:30
Perhaps the MP3 tags need to be looked at.  I'm not that familiar with ZenPoint although I do have my Albums in a folder named 50s 60s 70s 80s and so on. Inside each folder I have a .jpg for that folder/album. When I press Albums I get the albums listed by the corresponding .jpg of that folder/album.

Lead Zephyer
03-11-2022 12:26
Hi, thanks for reply.  Its always been Albums like the photo at the top but now its like the second photo and I haven't changed anything.
03-11-2022 15:03
If you press the artist button or songs then back to Albums does this correct it ?  I've noticed similar issues.
Lead zephyer
03-14-2022 10:34
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