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does zenpoint support mp4 videos ?

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hi guys just playing around with my zenpoint but for some reason it wont play the mp4 videos im having to convet them but i have over 3000 is there a way to support it or am i missing somthing ?
09-24-2022 17:40
Yes it is possible to configure the system to use MP4.

Have a look at this forum post 
it will point you to https://download.zenpoint.org/Forum/View/1747/Music_Videos 

I have used MP4 but generally use MKV as I have more success. The issue may come down to the codecs installed (Shark007)
Handbrake could be used to to a batch convert  

09-26-2022 14:02
The extension is 

Frank Machin
10-05-2022 19:38
I feel this pain and I've been in your shoes! There's some brilliant jukebox software out there, I use zenpoint digital centre, you have to add music yourself but it stops all the issues you are having, you can even have it so there is virtual coins! failing that if you want youtube to be your source you can get front ends for youtube that remove certain buttons, so in your case there is just a search feature and add to queue, everything else is removed, i built my own but there are tons of them pre made.

12-02-2022 05:32
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