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I've noticed sometimes that Zenpoint gets into a mode where the icons disappear. I have to go to the home screen (hopefully something is playing) and click on the long bar that displays what is playing, then go back to the home screen in order for the icons to appear.
Anyone run into this issue?

I've also noticed sometimes "no cover" songs will appear with an all white box instead of the "no cover" icon.
Anyone have this issue?


04-29-2012 21:01

04-30-2012 02:01

Also, sometimes the play button will show the triangle to play, even though something is already playing and it will be labeled "Asprif" or something like that.

04-30-2012 02:05

Is no one experiencing this?

Just trying to find out if it is the program or my system.
Please respond whether you are having these issues or not.


05-03-2012 04:16
I've had the program on my juke for a little over a year, and have not experienced either of those issues. 
05-05-2012 06:52
Thanks Glennbo80,
I'll keep playing with it, but I think it happens due to modifying and deleting various songs.
I did a "reset music" and it worked fine for about 5 launches, then I deleted and re-tagged some songs and the first launch showed the same as the screenshot above. Did another reset and it came up fine.
It wouldn't do it all the time, so I will not touch my music files and see if the problem happens again.

05-05-2012 10:11
That didn't do it. I am still having the issue where if I go to the Home screen, my plug-in icons are gone.
05-07-2012 08:36
So I know this topic is super old but I've been having the same exact issue. Did you ever figure it out?
06-04-2020 21:32
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