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Love the program, I bought it to use in a home-made kiosk for our upcoming wedding (early next month)!

One thing is *really* frustrating me though, I hope someone can help... I'm using 'Album View' as the main screen because it's the most visually appealing but I'm grouping tracks by Artist and then giving each folder a numerical album name and a generic album cover.

(So if I have six tracks from different albums by Black Sabbath for instance then they'll be tagged with <Song Name> (Paranoid) , <Artist> (Black Sabbath) and <Album Name> (03: 6 Tracks). '03' is just a catch-all name for the group all the Sabbath songs are in, the number of tracks is just there so people aren't expecting a gazillion songs).

It all seems to work fine except in a few cases where the artist shows up as 'Mixed' and I just cannot see why in the Tags. For instance I have a folder for a few pieces of music from Star Trek movies and although they all share the same <Artist> (Star Trek OST) and <Album Name> the Artist name is listed as 'Mixed', not Star Trek OST.

I've been through all the tags I can see (and edit using MP3Tag) but I can't get them to display correctly. Any ideas, please?

Many thanks in advance! 
08-23-2016 14:25
Curious... after renaming all the <Artists> and <Albums> several times (once didn't work, frustratingly) they now seem to be behaving. Still no idea why, though.

08-23-2016 19:00
I have albums that even though they are the same artist and are named as such in "artist" on the id3 they still show as "mixed".  Naming the "album artist" tag with the artist name fixed this.
06-13-2017 02:06
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