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Hey Rick, do not delete but answers!

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Hi Rick,

Why are posts deleted here instead of answers?
Since for a long time nothing more of a further development of the digital center
To listen to, it was a legitimate question whether the development is set!
Since I have paid for the software, I can expect to get at least one answer here.

Best regards
10-06-2016 23:14

You noticed that too !!!!   Seems we were being to critical ?

Under Developed - Incomplete - No Support

I'll say it again.  At least get a moderator to answer "some" of the questions people have.

I better not mention milking the cash cow again. This post may get deleted too.

Gee . . . . .At least let us vent a little since nothing else is gets resolved.
Lead Zephyer
10-07-2016 18:14
Hi Rick,

Is the program further developed or not?
Please give a statement!

best regards,
06-05-2017 19:53
Sure the program is further developed.

Next time you have a direct question for us then please write it to our support not in this forum.

This forum is for sharing knowledge about the Digital Center.

Best regards

06-07-2017 18:37
Dude it takes you forever to reply to our questions what if we need it fixed in a day not 2 weeks. i have emails where you took 2 weeks to get back to me really??  The people on here that know there shit on coding can help man if you cant they can
11-21-2017 11:00
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