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Hi I was wondering if I could somehow add youtube to zenpoint as an app cheers 
07-27-2017 14:53
I did this last night.
Open chrome and go to the YouTube page you want your jukebox to open to. Save that as the start page for Chrome.
Create a shortcut to Chrome on your Desktop. If you want Chrome to open in kiosk mode, right-click the chrome shortcut on the desktop, and click Properties. In the Target: box, go to the end of path and add " --kiosk" without the quotes.
Now you have Chrome setup to open full screen in Kiosk mode when you click the desktop shortcut.
Make sure this works as expected. Once you are happy with it, go into the Admin panel in ZenPoint and under External Programs you can add the shortcut you created on your desktop. Call it YouTube.
Now when you open ZenPoint back up, you will see a new icon called YouTube. Click that and it will open YouTube in kiosk mode full screen.
Hope that helps.
02-21-2020 13:53
wow i hope this works..going to try it myself.
Frank Machin
04-13-2020 17:26
I tried this and it did work.

Thank you great tip.
frank machin
04-13-2020 19:32
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