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A few questions before buying.

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Looks like good software. I'm using the demo but it's not letting me add songs to the play list. I can see them displayed and can select them. Is that because it's only a demo?
The only songs which are playing are those 3 hideously annoying songs which windows won't even allow me to delete. If I buy will I be able to delete them?
I can't seem to find in the manual what the album artwork file names are. I also can't see in the manual what format the music videos need to be. I only have music videos.


08-11-2017 08:27
Okay, no reply to this and the same sent to support. Looks like I'll be heading down the Jukebox Jockey path. Not buying something which has no support even though it looks more impressive. Hopefully I'll get a reply and I'll change my mind.
08-12-2017 12:10
It sounds like you have chosen a playlist with no adding allowed. Try to select another playlist from the settings / playlists. You are allowed to add songs to the playlists in demo mode.

Please check the manual about how the playlists are used.

Not sure what 3 windows songs you are talking about. 

To add album arts to your song files, please check this thread: 


Best regards

08-12-2017 19:56
Sorry, just found out the songs are Windows shit songs. (Sleep away, Kalimba, Maid with the flaxen hair) but I can't seem to stop them coming up in the playlist even after creating my own and when I start playing a song one of these three songs is playing at the same time. If I could send images I'd send a picture of it.
Where and what file name does the album art require?
08-13-2017 02:23
The DigitalCenter is looking for album covers in the order described here.

0. embeded ID3 image
1. "album.jpg"
2. "*.jpg"
3. "*.png"
4. "*.bmp"

The best size for your album arts are 512x512.
08-17-2017 08:59
Okay, I now have album artwork but what about the same but for video centre?
08-17-2017 13:51
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