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Album with more than one CD

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Sorry for my bad english, I come from Germany.

I am currently testing the digital center and would like to buy it.

However, there is a problem. If an album consists of several CDs, these CDs are displayed individually, so each album is available multiple times.

In the programs MediaMonkey and Albumplayer, which I also still test, all CDs are represented as one album.

Is there a solution for this?

My music on Hardrrive is sorted as follows:

- Album Artist

-- album

--- CD1
---- 01. artist - title.mp3
---- 02. artist - title.mp3

--- CD2
---- 01. artist - title.mp3
---- 02. artist - title.mp3


In MP3Tag the CDs are marked as follows 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.

Thank you for your help!
08-13-2017 17:44
This post has been done, I bought the program Albumplayer.

08-15-2017 08:28
I know this thread died a slow death.... I had to get creative and put all the songs in the main folder... They are all picked up as one album now... You do not have to do it, but i also renamed the MP3 file to CD1 - 01 - Song Name....  This is just to keep track of which CD the song belongs to easily... no need to look at the tag...   not the best way to do it but at least they have a description on which CD they are on.... I only have 785 CDs with more than 1 CD...  too much damn work... LOL
02-19-2019 04:43
I set album artist to “various artists” then the album name to be the same for all discs. Then, set disc number for each set and it works fine for me.
12-30-2021 21:46
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