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Licence question

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I was testing the trial version and one of my kids accidentally changed the system date when looking at the date our holidays start next month and not knowing I ran Zenpoint and it said I was 30 days past the trial time. I corrected the date and it still states it’s 30 days past the trial time.
I uninstalled and re installed and it still states 30 days past the trial date. I understand this it neccessary but if I was to buy this software now will I ever be able to run it to get it licensed? How does the license work? Does the software have to run to enter a license key?
I like the software but worried I may never be able to get it to run on my PC.

08-23-2017 04:11
You will not be able to test the trial version any more. If you purchase a license, you will have to activate the license with the activation program to unlock your trial version.

After activating the license, the DC will work on your computer again.


08-23-2017 09:58
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