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I have seen a few posts on skins availability or ability to create custom designs. From what I see and read, you can change colors and change font, however you cannot move buttons or much else in that respect. Is it a possibility that the next page arrows at the side of the library collections can be enlarged as they are very close to the albums themself and not wide enough for any screens under 20 in to be easily used by customers? Everyone seems to agree that the home button should be either removed or relocated to a inconspicuous area. I like the idea of having plugins available for home use or administrative use, but I can also agree with the Curiosity or destructive behaviors of late night customers being a problem. I think that it would be a fair decision to allow some sort of an open source on skin creation. I think that can only help too further Zen points customer base as all programs currently look the same with the exception of colors and title name. In one of the previous posts someone talks of a downloadable skin they had made which was also replied with it being able to be downloaded in the downloads section of Zen point, however I have not yet found any such location. What do you think about all of this?
10-09-2017 19:11
And there you have it folks. A sum up of the forum activity.
10-13-2017 05:23
10-13-2017 05:23
Unfortunately it is not possible to enlarge the arrow buttons. 

Regarding the home button, this is password locked if the DC is set to party mode, and your late night guests will not be an issue unless they have the party mode password.

We do not have a download sections with custom skins, but this is not a bad idea.

Best regards

10-13-2017 07:37
This is a great idea
Anthony Kirwan
12-08-2017 19:15

this is indeed a great idea, I'm new to this program and  chose it as it looked and behaved like I wanted,but to be able to change the look

would be great I will be having a tinker as an ex XBMC skin contributer.

04-06-2018 11:15
Bump....any update? Admin?
Joe M
06-17-2020 01:16
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