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ZenPoint KaraokeCenter

With ZenPoint KaraokeCenter you are able to navigate or search through your karaoke collection. Just pick a karaoke song and press play and you are ready to sing along. You can even put your karaoke songs into the current playlist to make sure the songs are played in the order they have been added.

ZenPoint KaraokeCenter has dual monitor support, which is great for parties where your guests are able to navigate and select songs while other guests are able to sing along to the current playing karaoke song.

Add Karaoke to playlist

KaraokeCenter is organizing your karaoke files through your mp3 tags or file names, making it easy to navigate through all of your karaoke files.

The KaraokeCenter is included in the DigitalCenter, and you are able to use this plugin together with all the other plugins inside the DigitalCenter.

KaraokeCenter Features

  • CDG Navigation
  • Add to playlist
  • Dual monitor support
  • Party Mode Support
  • Easy Administration
  • Volume Control
  • Title Ordering
  • Multi Languages
  • Create Your Own Skin
  • Many Difference Effects
  • Remote control support
  • Part Of The DigitalCenter
  • Add Your Own Language
  • Mouse / Keyboard Support
  • Touchscreen Support