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ZenPoint MovieCenter

Navigate through all your favourite movies with ZenPoint MovieCenter. Organize your movies into categories like "Family movies", "Action movies", "Music videos" or "Fun movies". It's easy to use ZenPoint MovieCenter even your kids can control ZenPoint MovieCenter and have their own category.

You can even add you movies to your playlists this is nice when you want to loop through your music videos.

Watch Your Movies

MovieCenter is organizing your movies through your folder structure, making it easy to navigate through all of your movies.

In the player you can manage pause, play and volume, and you can use the slider to navigate to a certain position of you movie.

MovieCenter Features

  • Folder Navigation
  • Add to playlists
  • Dual monitor support
  • Party Mode Support
  • Easy Administration
  • Add external players (iso, img..)
  • Volume Control
  • Title Ordering
  • Multi Languages
  • Create Your Own Skin
  • Many Difference Effects
  • Supports *.avi, *.mpg and *.mkv
  • Remote control support
  • Part Of The DigitalCenter
  • Add Your Own Language
  • Mouse / Keyboard Support
  • Touchscreen Support